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Get Abs After 40

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The Get Abs after 40 promotion comes with a 40 day abs program and those who are not happy can obtain a 100% money back refund (less the shipping and handling cost).  Returns can be started via email or by making a short phone call (the customer does not even have to provide a reason as to why they are requesting a 100% refund on the get abs after 40 product).  Any questions in regards to the money back guarantee or anything related to the get abs after 40 promotion can be directed to email at support@sixpackabs.com or simply pick up a phone and dial 800-655-8576 (for United States customers) or 855-520-7596 (for international callers).  The get abs after 40 program comes with resistance exercises that target the abs and promotes lean muscle growth.  Please note this product will absolutely fail unless the customer also maintains a healthy diet consisting of lean meats, veggies, and some fruits (please pick fruits that are low in sugar such as blueberries or kiwi).  Once the product has been paid for the customer will be able to access the get abs after 40 workout videos from the members-only site (the videos can only be accessed online and will not be shipped via US Mail).  Videos can be streamed from anywhere with working Internet connections OR the member can download high quality versions to to their computer for later use.  This product is marketed to men over 40 but under 70 (teenagers should not need to use this product).

Please note that during the 40 day get abs after 40 program the member will be eating a lot of t boosting foods such as avocados, grass-fed meat, olive oil, and whey protein.


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