www.supervision.uscourts.gov – Access Supervision Reporting Online

Supervision US Courts

  • Access the Probation and Pretrial Services Electronic Reporting System online
  • Requires a User ID and password
  • All User ID/Password issues should be reported to the users supervision officer ASAP

The Supervision US Courts is designed for Official Court Business only and is best used at resolutions of 1280 x 800 or higher.  The service is operated by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and does not currently support mobile devices.  Highlights of the Supervision US Courts service is as follows:

  • Inform peope of probation of what the court expects of them
  • Meet with them at home and at work
  • Monitor their compliance with the conditions the court has set for their release
  • Step in to control and correct if they don’t comply

Popular forms that can be found via the Supervision US Courts online service include: Attendance and Transcripts of United States Court Reporters (AO 40A), Consent to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge in a Misdemeanor Case (AO 86A), and Subpoena to Testify at a Deposition in a Criminal Case (AO 90).


  1. www.supervision.uscourts.gov