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Check Breeze Card Balance

In order to check the balance on a Breeze card please visit and provide the serial number from the card in question. If you do not have the serial number you will not be able to check the balance.

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It should be noted that the Breeze Card Marta Balance check tool is for customer convenience only and is not intended to be a legal statement of card value. Please be aware that the total deduction of stored value or trips for entry onto a bus or rail within the past 24-48 hours may not be reflected in the balance shown.

Customers who have received credits to their Breeze Card or participate in MARTA Mobility Subscription Service Program may experience a delay of 24-48 hours before the value is posted to their account. Any questions or comments in regards to this policy can be directed to a Breeze Card customer service agent at 404-848-5000 Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00 p.m. This same number can activate the balance protection program associated with the Breeze card.


Balance Breeze Card FAQ

To the right of the credit and debit slot is a smooth plastic blue circle that says “Breeze” in print. This is where you tap your Breeze card when the machine prompts you. Above the circle, it says “Tap Card” in raised print and “tap here” in Braille.

View the Breeze Card Marta Rail Map


How to check the balance on a Breeze Card Marta via Phone?

If you’re looking to check the balance of your Breeze Card Marta via phone please dial 404-848-5000 or email The phone number will connect you with a Breeze Card customer service agent that will be able to explain your card balance.

Phone: 404-848-5000

The Breeze Card email address support can also be used to check a balance but is much slower and would not make sense to use (unless you do not have a phone). If you want to check your Breeze card balance via email please send the request to Include your name, account number, and return email address.


General FAQ

Do Marta Breeze cards expire?

Yes Marta Breeze cards will expire after 3 years and they cannot be renewed.

How do I transfer my Breeze Card balance?

In order to transfer your Breeze card balance to a new card visit a MARTA RideStore (Airport or Five Points) on a weekday between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. or by calling MARTA customer service.

Can two people use one Breeze Card?

Two people are NOT allowed to use one Breeze card as each individual is required to have their own Breeze card.

Can you use an expired MARTA card?

No you cannot use an expired MARTA card as the Breeze Card will no longer be accepted at MARTA fare readers.

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