www.my.wafflehouse.com – Waffle House Employee Self Service Access

My Waffle House

  • Waffle House employees can access their work related account online with a username and password
  • Wanna be Waffle House employees can even apply for a job online at My.WaffleHouse.com
  • New Waffle House employees will have to provide the¬†pre-registration access code (employees who do not have the¬†pre-registration access code will want to speak with their manager in order to obtain one)

My.WaffleHouse.com is operated by the Waffle House and is free to use for all employees.  The Waffle House pre-registration access code can also be obtained via text message or email (please allow up to 3 minutes for the code to be received from the time of request).  Please note standard text message rates will apply and the Waffle House employees phone number may be used in recovering their My.WaffleHouse.com account in case they forget their login information (but is not required in order to start the recovery process).

www.My.WaffleHouse.com Notes

  • The employees login is usually the employees first letter of their name, middle initial, and then the first 5 letters of the employees last name (for example if the employee’s name is Sam W Davidson the login would be SWDAVID)
  • Standard text message rates will apply for employees who elect to receive their code via text
  • The code should arrive in 3 minutes or less
  • The code will be valid for 24 hours
  • Waffle House employees who pick to receive the code via email will receive the code from¬†donotreply@wafflehouse.com
  • Please be sure to check spam email for the code

Waffle House Inc. is a Norcross, Georgia based casual dining restaurant that specializes in breakfast and late night dining.  The Waffle House corporate office is based at 5986 Financial Dr Norcross, Georgia 30071 and can be reached via phone at  (770) 729-5700.  The best menu items when visiting a Waffle House include Waffles with a side of Bacon, Fried Eggs with a side of Ham, or the Texas Egg and Bacon Cheese Melt.


  1. www.my.wafflehouse.com