www.managemymove.usps.com confirmation code – USPS Change Of Address Services

Manage My Move USPS

  1. Allows United States Postal service customers to update, change or cancel their change of address order
  2. The service is designed to help moving USPS customers to continue receiving the services without an interruption

When moving, customers can use the USPS Manage my Move website to change the address for the delivery of their mail and packages. The change of address can be temporary or permanent. Temporary address change is a temporary mail forwarding address that the customer provides in case there are plans to move back to the old address. The mail is forwarded for a specified period of time, usually for a maximum period of six months which can be extended to 12 months. Permanent change of address on the other hand is provided if the move is permanent and the customer has no plans of going back to the old address.

USPS Change of Address Notes

  • The USPS Manage my Move service is free to use
  • After submitting a request to change the address , USPS customers can also use the website to view, change the information, or cancel the request altogether
  • Customers will be required to complete a short form online and submit to change the address (the entire request should take less than 2 minutes to complete
  • The confirmation code can be found within the confirmation email (if submitted online) OR the code is printed in the change of address order confirmation sent to the customers new address if the request was process in person at a USPS store

Other service available include the ability to change the mail forwarding start date, extend the mail forwarding period for the temporary address, replace a temporary mail forwarding address with a permanent one, switch the moving option from family to individual, add contact information in order to receive reminders or cancel the request for change of address if the change needed is not available.

Any questions about the service can be directed to a USPS customer care agent at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).