www.wefixmoney.com reviews – We Fix Money Pay Day Loan

We Fix Money

  • Offers pay day loan services to consumers who live pay check to pay check
  • Must be over the age of 18 with a monthly income over $800 in order to apply

WeFixMoney.com is a website that specializes in helping clients get the best financial services company that they can work with. They work with companies all over the country so as to give their clients best rates around.  It is instructive to note that WeFixMoney.com is not a lender. If you want to know specific info regarding APR and your loan terms as well as the consequences of nonpayment, it is better to get in touch with your lender.

How it works

Once you fill out the form, you are matched with the perfect service partner that can match your needs. The company offers their services 24/7.

What users say about the company

“I heard about WeFixMoney.com and then I decided to try them. I am happy that the company extended credit to me in just under 24 hours. I paid the loan off as agreed and there was no problem. Thank God for WeFixMoney.com.” –  Christine, Jefferson

“What I would suggest is to make sure you live within your means; we all want things but if we can’t handle or afford it do something different that we can handle.” – thethingswetalkabout.com