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Virgin Health Miles Software

  1. Sign into an account with a Virgin Pulse member ID or the email used at the time of registration
  2. Any issues with account access can be directed to member support at support@virginpulse.com

It should be noted in order to join Virgin Pulse the user must be sponsored by an organization, such as an employer.  New members will have to go through a 3 step application process before Virgin Pulse membership is granted and provide the first few letters of the name of the sponsor. Examples of sponsors include Verallia North America, Dakotas Conference, Sonic Automotive and Canadian National.

Virgin Pulse?

  • A part of Sir Richard Branson’s noturious Virgin Group
  • Encourages employees to live better every day through a wellness program
  • Works with over 200 companies and 1 million individuals
  • Virgin Pulse is based at 492 Old Connecticut Path, Suite 601, Framingham, MA 01701 and can be reached by phone by dialing (866) 852-6898
  • The program also educate employees on how to better handle finances and create healthy financial habits
  • The Pulse program attempts to increase morale, spirit, and pride by any means required

Why Virgin Pulse was founded?

If you ask us, health embraces a lot more than physical wellness. That’s why Virgin Pulse supports every aspect of life: physical, emotional, social, and financial health, and more. The result? Energized, focused employees driven to tackle anything standing in their way.” – Virgin Health Miles Software

Virgin Group Corporate Profile

  • Venture capital conglomerate headed by overlord Sir Richard Branson
  • Founded in the winter of 1970
  • The firm is based in what they call the “The Battleship Building” in Westminster UK

The face associated with the Virgin Group is the goofy Richard Branson but he could not have ever created the firm without the help of his right hand man Nik Powell.  Powell went to the prestige Longacre School and had a few minor businesses as a record shop owner and mail order company manager until he found fortune with Virgin.


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