www.usbank.com/bonus2017 – Enter Promo Code Get $200 Bonus

US Bank Bonus 2017

  • Get a juicy $200 bonus when opening an US Bank checking account
  • This is a must for bank bonus chasing fan boys
  • In order to claim the $200 bonus customers must open up an US Bank checking account and have a recurring deposit of $500 or more a month made into the account

USBank.com/Bonus2017 is a specific promotional offering intended for use at the address it was mailed to.  The US Bank Bonus promo code and listed mailing address can only be used once.  The $200 bonus will not be paid if the promo code is retrieved by unintended receipt or if the code was found via a promotional deals website (i.e. Slick Deals).  www.USBank.com/Bonus2017 requires the applicant to be 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States and requires the applicant to deposit $50 upon opening the checking account.  This promotional offer from US Bank does not apples to Student Checking or Safe Debit Accounts.  The juicy $200 bonus will be reported to the IRS and the account holder is responsible for all/any taxes associated with the bonus.

www.USBank.com/Bonus2017 Promotional Notes

  • Limit of one bonus per household regardless of how large the family is
  • This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other offer from US Bank
  • US Bank reserves the right to terminate this promotion at anytime

USBank.com/Bonus2017 Sign Up Instructions

  1. Be lucky enough to find the $200 bonus offer from US Bank in the mail
  2. Hurry to a computer with Internet access
  3. Navigate to the sign up URL
  4. Enter the US Bank $200 bonus promo code (this code will be 7 digits in total length)
  5. Provide the applicants name and other required information (i.e. address, email address etc)
  6. Link a direct deposit to the checking account (ideally this would be the applicants weekly pay check or veterans disability payment)
  7. Set back and wait for the $200 bonus to be deposited into the account (this may take up to 10 weeks)


  1. www.bonus.com/bonus2017
  2. www.usbank.com/bank-accounts