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  • Enter a promotional code in order to give Reassure Overnight Underwear a try
  • A must for people who can’t control their bladder
  • The HDIS promotional codes can be found on ads throughout the United States

TryHDIS.com requires a code that is 8 digits long and can be found on shopping ads across the United States.  The code will usually be in a yellow box towards the bottom left hand corner of the ad in question.  Those who are lucky enough to have a TryHDIS promotional code can sign up to receive a full case of Reassure, Depends, or Poise for only $39.95.  Any questions in regards to the TryHDIS.com promotional offer can be directed to the toll-free number 1-800-403-3046 between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday (the TryHDIS call center is closed on the weekends).  The firm can also be reached by mail via their corporate office at HDIS, Inc., 9385 Dielman Ind. Dr., Olivette, MO 63132.

Why on earth would anyone want to TryHDIS?

  1. Convenience: save time and avoid bothersome trips to Walgreens or CVS
  2. Wider Selection: More brands, more products, and more sizes than any store
  3. Always In Stock: www.TryHDIS.com always has fully stock inventory to meet the needs of all old people who cannot control their bladder
  4. Discreet Delivery:  The diapers will be sent in unmarked white boxes so know one will ever know you’re wearing diapers around town like a little baby

Who in the world is HDIS?

  • World wide leader in incontinence products for old people who are convenient, affordable and less embarrassing to purchase
  • Products are delivered right to the customers door step
  • HDIS has been in business since 1986 so they are a name you can trust (plus they are a BBB accredited business)
  • Each and every order comes with free shipping


  1. www.tryhdis.com