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TransUnion My Options

  1. Helps individuals determine if they qualify for a free credit report
  2. Individuals may be eligible to receive a Personal Credit Report at no charge or a reduced fee if they meet specific requirements (i.e. eligible under the FACT Act, TransUnion credit file is inaccurate due to fraud, etc)
  4. Must be 18 years of age or older

It should be noted that the free personal credit report does not provide a credit score but only provides a history of the individual’s past credit (the actual credit score will require payment).  A free credit report can be purchased for $11.50 for those who do not qualify under the terms listed at the TransUnion My Options website.

Ways to qualify?

  • Have not received a personal credit report within the last 12 months (FACT Act)
  • Denial of insurance, employment or credit within the last 60 days based on adverse action notice based on information from your TransUnion credit report
  • The individual is unemployed or on welfare.
  • Fraud has been attempted on the persons TransUnion account
  • Some states (i.e. CA, CO, CT, GA, ME, MD, MA, MN, MT, NJ, PR, VT, or VI) offer free credit reports

Legal residents in the states listed above are encouraged to contact their state government in regard to obtaining a free report.  Any questions regarding the Annual TransUnion Credit Report can be directed to TransUnion LLC, 2 Baldwin Place, P.O. Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022. OR by phone at 800-888-4213.  Customers can add a TransUnion VantageScore to any order for a low price of $9.95.

TransUnion Business

  • Privatetly ran credit information management service
  • Founded in 1968
  • Based in Chicago, IL

TransUnion specializes in the sales of credit reports, scores, and alerts to over 500 million people across the globe.  The firm is headed by James M. Peck and to protect individuals identity, they do not process report requests by email.