www.tellbp.com – Take Boiling Point Customer Survey

Tell BP

  • Provide feedback in relation to a purchase at Boiling Point
  • Customers who complete the survey in full will have a chance to 3 hot soups
  • All feedback will help improve the soup at Boiling Point

The Tell BP survey will ask questions in regards to the service, food, quality, and atmosphere.  When taking the survey customers will have to provide their name, email address, and phone number (don’t worry the customer’s information will never be sold), which Boiling Point location the visit took place at, the transaction number, the servers name, customers age, and what was ordered.  The Tell BP transaction number can be found on the receipt in the top left hand corner and the location will be the city name in which the visit took place.  Customers will also be asked how often they visit Boiling Point (i.e. first time ever, 1 or 2 times a month), how would they rate the food, and what they like most about the Boiling Point restaurant.  At the end of the Tell BP survey the customer will be able to provide comments, questions, or concerns.

Tell BP Survey Notes

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Powered by Survey Monkey
  • The 3 hot soups prize will come in the form of a voucher and cannot be redeemed for cash

Boiling Point has 12 locations ion Southern California, 3 in Northern California, 4 in Washington, 3 in Canada, and 1 in China.  Some of the better add-on menu items include the Taiwanese Bok Choy, Original Wok Noodle, Wasabi Rice Ball, Fish Cake (this is must try for people who like fish), Sliced Pork Belly, and the Fermented Tofu (this menu item should be avoided by most people).

Any questions in regards to the Tell BP survey or the company in general can be directed to 1 (888) 383 8325 or email the customer service team at cs@bpgroupusa.com.


  1. www.tellbp.com