Survey Coupon From 2nd and Charles

Tell 2 NC

  • Obtain a nifty little coupon or win a cash prize when taking the Tell 2 NC customer survey
  • All information provided will help improve customer relations at 2nd and Charles and will never be sold to a third party
  • Please have the 4-digit 2nd and Charles store number on hand and Internet access.

The Tell 2 NC survey will take about 8 minutes to finish, and customers will be asked a few questions about the products they purchased and the employee that serviced them. All the information will be collected by the InMoment survey company and sent to the general managers of each 2nd and Charles location where the visit took place.  Please note a cash prize is available, but the Sponsor across multiple international clients offers this prize, so the odds of winning are not good (the $5 off coupon is the main reason to take the survey).


  • Please do not throw away the receipt as the 4-digit 2nd and Charles store number will be needed
  • Have Internet connection
  • The $5 off coupon must be used on a purchase of $25 or more

2nd and Charles

Allows customers to turn their old vintage products into new ones (trade in an old Nintendo game like Legend of Zelda and get cash to buy a new Xbox game).  2nd and Charles specialize in vintage products such as video game, records, and toys that most people think are junk.

Looking to get in touch with 2nd and Charles?

  • email or call 1-800-201-3550 (all stores are open seven days a week)

Some popular 2nd and Charles locations include the L-Naperville store at 204 South Route 59-Naperville, IL, and the Albany, GA store at Dawson Road, Space 3-Albany, GA.