www.talktogeorge.co.uk – Win £1,000 or £25 Generous George Survey

Talk to George

  • Take a super-duper short survey in regards to a Generous George Pub visit (talktogeorge.co.uk) and maybe win a little cash in the process
  • All survey feedback will only be used to increase the overall customer service and the quality of the food (i.e. fish and chips) at the Generous George Pub
  • InMoment Inc will be responsible for gather all feedback and sending it to the Generous George managers
  • Customers can expect to spend 5 minutes answer survey questions
  • At the end of the survey the customer will be entered into a prize draw where they could win £1,000 or £25

In order to take the Talk to George survey the customer must have Internet connection and the survey invitation code from their Generous George customer receipt.  Those who do not have the receipt may want to consider dumpster diving in order to secure the invite code and take the sweepstakes survey.  Survey questions the customer will encounter via the talktogeorge.co.uk survey will revolve around the quality of the food (i.e. chicken wings, pizza, fish), how friendly the Generous George employees were (or how unfriendly they were), and the overall atmosphere of the pub (i.e. cleaniness, good vibes).  All of the feedback will be held under a microscope and be used to increase the overall service at the given pub in question.

www.TalkToGeorge.co.uk Survey Instructions

  1. Make a purchase at Generous George
  2. Eat the food with a couple of good beers
  3. Secure the survey invite code
  4. Hurry home and access the survey URL aka talktogeorge.co.uk
  5. Answer all the questions
  6. Confirm entry into the sweepstakes

Must try menu items when visiting Generous George?

  • Garlic Dough Sticks (garlic and dough?  what’s not to like here???)
  • Towering Beer-Battered Onion Rings (these come with George’s Own Recipe BBQ Sauce)
  • Fish Finger Sammy
  • The Towering Inferno (6oz steak burger and two jalapeño poppers)


  1. www.talktogeorge.co.uk
  2. www.generousgeorge.co.uk
  3. generousgeorge.co.uk/our-menus