www.sprint.com/save – Sprint Discount Program

Sprint Save

  1. Consumers can check to see if they qualify for a discount when switching to Sprint
  2. Potential customers will have to enter the email address associated with their place of work, the school they attend, or the organization they are a part of

It should be noted that customer who do qualify will ALSO be reimbursed whatever the cost of switching to Sprint they occur from their previous wireless provider.  The customers bill will be paid using a American Express Reward by Sprint and will require the customer to upload the charges associated with the switch as proof.

Sprint Save Discount Program Notes

  • Sprint half-price rate plans are not eligible for the Sprint Discount Program
  • Current Sprint customers can check the status of a discount by using the Sprint Verify service and entering their Sprint wireless phone number
  • Once the customer has been accepted for the discount they will have 30 days to verify their account
  • Customers can submit proof of bill by fax, uploading the documents via the Sprint website, or by email

What are considered valid proof of documents by Sprint?

  • Employee ID badge
  • Unexpired credit union credit/debit card
  • Work business email
  • Military orders or W-2 for military employees/retirees
  • Veteran ID CARD (aka medical card from a VAMC)
  • Current statement of account issued within the last 90 days
  • Employer pay stub

The Sprint Save promotion includes unlimited domestic Long Distance calling and texting & includes 12GB of on-network shared data usage and 100MB off-network data usage.

Sprint Corporate Lore

  • Wireless and wire line telecommunication firm
  • Headquartered at 6200 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS 66251
  • Preceded by Embarq and Nextel Communications
  • Has over 35,000 full-time employees

Sprint makes a good majority of their profits in data communication services such as Internet access, messaging, and email services.  The firm is headed by Mr. Masayoshi Son who is Chairman of Softbank and Chief Exec.  Surprisingly Mr. Masayoshi Son salary is zero.


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