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Park Lane Tavern Feedback

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ParkLaneTavernFeedback.com is powered by InMoment Inc. and customers are not allowed to take the survey by email or US Mail.  Customers who fail to take the survey will most likely lose numerous hours of sleep knowing they did nothing to help their favorite tavern improve on their customer service.  Any questions in regards to the Park Lane Tavern Feedback survey can be directed to promotions@parklanetavern.com.  Park Lane Tavern is a unique dining experience set in a vibrant European tavern atmosphere and caters itself to customers who are in the middle to upper class.  They are committed to providing food of the highest freshness and quality at an affordable price.  Park Lane Tavern also offers a promotional EClub which is a must for customers who visit the place a few times per months.  The Park Lane Tavern EClub provides promotional coupons through out the year to its members via email and also offers a surprise Birthday gift!

www.ParkLaneTavernFeedback.com Survey Instructions

  1. Chow down on some food at Park Lane Tavern
  2. Hurry home and access the Internet
  3. Navigate to the survey URL
  4. Provide feedback

Must try menu items at Park Lane Tavern?

  • Tavern Wings:  SUPER SIZED jumbo chicken wings, fried crispy and tossed in one of a signature sauce (customers can pick between Buffalo, Makers Mark BBQ, Malibu Coconut Sweet Red Chili, Guinness® Glaze, and Traditional Teriyaki)
  • Bavarian Pretzels:  Super soft pretzel rods covered in sea salt with the one and only Guinness Mustard & warm cheese dip
  • Florentine Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Chicken & Apple Brie: grilled chicken sliced Granny Smith Apples, soft brie cheese, our house-made sweet cranberry coulis and cider aioli (ideal for someone looking to eat healthy)
  • Magners Corned Beef Sandwich


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