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My Access Florida

  1. Provides access to the Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection program better known as Access Florida
  2. Designed for people in the state of Florida seeking monetary assistance (aka SNAP program), food stamps or information about low-income medical programs within the state

It should be noted that residents can apply for just one or all of the previously named programs at the same time as a separate application is not needed for each benefit.  The quickest way to apply is online as it only take 30 minutes or less to complete an application online using My Florida (the slowest way to apply would be via US Mail).  Please note all forms completed online will have to be signed using the e-signature option and applicants will have to show proof of ID at a later date.

Connect My Florida Fine Print

  • Having problems applying online?  Please dial 866-762-2237 to speak to a My Florida Customer Service rep
  • It can take up to 30 days to process an application and please DO NOT call the toll-free number until a minimum of 5 days have passed
  • During the application process poor people will be asked questions about their income, bills and household status
  • These questions must be answered honestly as failure to do so may result in doing time in Florida Department of Corrections
  • Anyone found eligible for the Food Assistance or Cash Assistance award will receive a Florida EBT card within a few days
  • Residents who are awarded Medicaid will receive a “gold card” in three weeks or less
  • The Medicaid gold card is a magic ticket for free health insurance being paid for by the hard-working tax payers in the state of Florida

Documents need to be faxed to the Department of Florida Families should be sent to (866) 886-4342 (if the number is busy try again).  Any know residents gaming, cheating, or rigging the system should be reported to 866-762-2237 ASAP.


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