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MLB Franchise Four

  1. Major League Baseball fans can vote for their favorite four players related to each franchise (i.e. Babe Ruth, Mantle, Jeter, ARod for the Yankees)
  2. Voting is free and the results will be announced on 7/14 at the 2015 All Star Game in Cincinnati

Players will be announced for every MLB team and the MLB Pioneers plus the “Greatest Living Players”.  The MLB All Star game will start at 7:30 ET and will be on the FOX Network.

Voting Notes

  • When voting visitors will be able to view the top vote getters along with the players stats
  • The players from each group receiving the most votes will be honored at the MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati
  • Voting ends on 5/8/15
  • An example of a teams voting options?  St. Louis Cardinals:  Stan “The Man” Musial, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Dizzy Dean and Bob Gibson

When voting fan can opt in to receive a MLB Newsletter and other newsletters and promotions from MLB.com and their partners.  It should be noted that voting is available on a write in basis.


  1. www.mlb.com/franchisefour