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Metlife Advice

  • With MetLife Advice, customers can speak with professional financial and insurance experts to get guidance
  • A consultation with a MetLife Advice expert is completely free, and comes with no obligation to sign up for any further services
  • MetLife Advice is a service offered free to anyone, and customers do not need to already have a MetLife account to take advantage of a free meeting

To set up a meeting with a MetLife Advice expert, customers just need to enter their name, phone number, and address, and someone will call them back to set up a free MetLife appointment. The Advice portion of Met Life’s page also has estate planning so customers can ensure that after their death, all of their assets will be distributed in the amounts and to the beneficiaries that they choose. MetLife and its agents and representatives can not give any legal or tax advice, but only information related to finances and investments.

MetLife Advice offers guidance on topics like developing a sound investment portfolio, protecting family in case something should happens to the main provider, building up funds to provide a quality education for children and grandchildren, preparing for a comfortable retirement, and dozens of other tricky financial situations.

More about MetLife Advice Retirement Services

The MetLife Advice retirement section gives basics on how people can save for their retirement, like utilizing 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Simple IRA, and Roth IRA account (which are what most MetLife customers use), plus options like annuities, mutual funds, securities, and of course Social Security. One of the biggest questions a MetLife Advice retirement expert will ask is at what age the person wants to retire (55, 66, or 75), and how much risk they are willing to take in order to accumulate retirement savings.

To contact MetLife Advice:
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