– Kaiser Permanente Online Payment

KP Pay Premium

  • Kaiser Permanente customer can make a premium payment to their account with their Account Number, Invoice Number and member’s Last Name
  • Once a payment has been made KM customers should allow up to 24 hours for the payment to be posted

It should be noted once a customer has set up a KM account online they can current balance, set up automatic payments, view recent payment history and update customer information (i.e. phone number, address).  Customers are not required to register with Kaiser Permanente online services in order to make a payment but anyone with half a brain should do so.  KM Pay Premium services accepts credit cards, debit cards, or payments via customers bank accounts for both Individual/Family Plan Account AND Employer Group Accounts.

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Profile

  • Considered the “old guard” in the integrated managed care business realm (but contrary to popular belief was not the first HMO in the US) with revenues of 50 Billion US Dollars
  • KP is a non for profit firm founded by the unlikely duo of Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney Garfield (a bleeding heart liberal who believed in treating all people regardless of their ability to pay)
  • The firm is based at 1 Kaiser Plaza Oakland, California 94612 USA

The KP Pay Premium service is and will always be FREE.