www.jp.tellburgerking.com – Take My Burger King Customer Survey

JP Tell Burger King

  • Chow down on three or four Whopper’s and then take a short survey in regards to the Burger King visit
  • The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and customers will sleep easy knowing they made their local BK a better place to eat
  • The survey is operated by the Service Management Group

JP.TellBurgerKing.com requires the BK restaurant number, date of the visit, and the time of the visit in order to begin the survey.  Once the above information has been provided the customer will encounter a variety of questions in regards to their Burger King visit (i.e. quality of the food, friendliness of the employees, overall restaurant cleanliness).  The Service Management Group will be charged with the task of gathering the feedback and delivering it to the general managers in charge of the Burger King in questions.  Please note the customers name will never be shared with BK employees but the feedback may be used in firing decisions (if the employee was rude they may be fired).

www.JP.TellBurgerKing.com Promotional Notes

  • Feedback will only be used to increase customer satisfaction
  • Those who tossed the Burger King receipt in the trash may have some dumpster diving to do in order to take the survey (assuming the receipt isn’t covered in last nights meatloaf)
  • Customers will most likely receive a promotional coupon if they complete the survey in full

Must try Burger King menu items?

  1. The DOUBLE Whopper (one of the best burgers on the planet)
  2. The FOUR CHEESE Whopper (cheese, cheese, and more cheese… what’s not to like here?!?!?)
  3. French Fries (for a special treat ask them to add cheese sauce to these)
  4. Standard Cheeseburger (ideal for kids)
  5. Milkshake (order this up after chwoing down on a few Four Cheese Whooper’s and thank us later)
  6. Chicken Nuggets (many experts in the fast food industry claim these are better than McDonald’s)


  1. www.jp.tellburgerking.com