www.dennys.com/loyalty – Denny’s Perks Loyalty Program

Denny’s Loyalty

  1. Register or sign up for the Denny’s perks program
  2. The program reward customers when eating at this world-class US-based family diner

This program is a must have for frequent visitors to Denny’s and customers can sign up via the Denny’s Diner Perks App, or through the Denny’s Diner Perks promotional website.  The Denny’s Loyalty program will reward members “points” when eating at Denny’s and once a member has saved up 100 points that can redeem them for “$10 in Denny’s Cash” which is essentially a $10 off coupon.

Diner Perks Loyalty Program Notes and Points

  • Guest can obtain a card in person at a Denny’s location but it will still have to be registered online
  • Cards are issued free of charge
  • The Denny’s Loyalty program comes with no annual fee
  • Guests will need to provide their member number to transfer their account information and balance to a physical card
  • If the card is lost or left at home please use the members phone number in lieu of the card
  • Customers will receive a special surprise and a Free Build Your Own Grand Slam coupon upon initial sign up
  • More than one are allowed per family
  • The card will NEVER expire and will be good as long as the Denny’s Perks Loyalty Program is in good standing
  • Occasionally the member will receive emails from Denny’s in relation to coupons and special offers associated with the program

Please note the Denny’s Loyalty cards can earn points before they are registered but the member will not be able to redeem the points for Denny’s Cash until registration has been completed.  It should also be noted that Denny’s loyalty points WILL NOT expire BUT some special offer rewards may be subject to expiration.

Denny’s Business Lore

  • Anytime of the day (24/7) pancake house/coffee shop
  • Operates more than 1600 locations
  • Founded in 1953

A visit to Denny’s will set back an average family of four $20 to $30 depending on how fat they are.  Popular (must try) menu items include Basket Of Puppies, Smothered Cheese Fries, Cheese Burger Flatbread and the Denny’s world-famous Spicy Buffalo Chicken Melt.


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