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Crafting Your Opinion UK

  1. Provide feedback in regards to a visit to Hobbycraft
  2. In return for the feedback Hobbycraft will enter the customer into a draw for a €100 gift voucher

Recent visitors will need the following from their receipt in order to take the Crafting Your Opinion survey: numerical code, date of visit, time of visit and total amount spent at the Hobbycraft location.  At the end of the survey customers will have a chance to opt in to the sweepstakes drawing.

Crafting Your Opinion Notes

  • The survey will take around 5 minute to complete
  • Internet access is needed
  • To win the €100 gift voucher customer must be a legal resident of the UK and 18 years of age or older
  • One drawing will be held each month for the previous month

The €100 Hobbycraft gift voucher is not redeemable for cash and can be used at any Hobbycraft location.  Employees of this popular UK hobby store are NOT allowed to enter the drawing.

Hobbycraft Business Lore

  • Arts and Craft store
  • Based in the United Kingdom at Hobbycraft DC, E-Commerce Door A, Parkway, Centrum 100 Business Park, Unit 1, Burton Upon Trent, DE14 2WA
  • Founded in 1995

There are around 80 Hobbycraft locations across the United Kingdom and they cater to high-end artist who have a Euros to spend on crafting supplies.  Popular products marketed by the firm include sewing bundles, oil paints, candle and soap making kits, craft tools, and jigsaw puzzles.  Hobbycraft offers free shipping on all online order over $30 and any customer service type questions can be directed to 0330 026 1400.  The firm does not offer group discounts and Hobbycraft will not accept American Express or Discover credit cards.


  1. www.craftingyouropinion.co.uk