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SunTrust Complete Enrollment

  • Enroll into SunTrust online banking services
  • Operated by SunTrust Banks, Inc.
  • SunTrust Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and proud Member FDIC

The SunTrust enrollment process will take about 2 minutes to complete and requires the security access code, the customers SSN, and the security name.  The security access code is a distinctive set of letters and numbers provided by SunTrust Bank at the request of the customer.  This code will be emailed to the customer unless they did not provide an email address at the time of sign up (in that case the security code will be sent via US Mail).  The security name is defined as the customers mother’s maiden name or word chosen by individual when performing SunTrust branch enrollment.  Once the customer has completed the SunTrust online banking enrollment process they will be able to access their account online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  SunTrust online banking also allows the customer to view balances, transfer money, pay bills and update their information from the comfort of their living room PLUS SunTrust online banking services are and will always be free.  Please note the customer will not incur a fee when using the transfer money service to send money between SunTrust accounts.  A costly transaction fee of $3 may apply when transferring funds from a SunTrust account to an account at another financial institution using External Transfers standard service.  Online SunTrust online bill pay allows customers to pay all their bills in one place with once password (no more checks, envelopes and stamps).  Online bill pay with SunTrust also allows the customer to set up one-time bill pay, recurring or auto pay options (plus online bill pay reduces paper usage).

SunTrust Complete Enrollment Notes

  • A must for all SunTrust banking customers
  • Comes at no additional charge
  • Requires a valid email address


  1. www.suntrust.com/completeenrollment