www.cvslearnet.cvs.com – CVS Learnet Training for Employees


  • Access the CVS Health Learning Management System
  • Requires a login user ID
  • Works best with Google Chrome

Users can access the CVS Learnet system using their employee ID and CVSLEARNet/myHR password.  The employee ID will be 7 digits in length and the password would have been provided to the employee at the time of training.  Please note retail corporate colleagues can use their Network Windows ID (aka NTLogin) in order to gain CVSLEARNet access.

Any technical issues that may arise during the sign in process can be directed to the IT service center at 855-280-4872.  CVS LEARNet works best with Chrome but can also be used with Microsoft Windows, FireFox, and Mobile Safari.


  1. www.cvslearnet.cvs.com