www.weismarkets.survey.marketforce.com – $2 Weis Survey Coupon

Weis Markets Survey

  • Take a short survey in regards to a Weis purchase and earn a $2 off coupon which can be used on a future visit to Weis Markets
  • Provide feedback to Weis in order to make it a better place to shop and earn a $2 off coupon in the process… what’s not to like here??!!? 😀
  • Weismarkets.survey.marketforce.com is powered by RFG and all feedback will be kept confidential
  • Those who fail to complete the survey in full will NOT receive the $2 off promotional coupon
  • Weis Markets reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion at anytime in the future for any reason under the sky

In order to begin the survey the customer will have to provide the Weis Market location, date of visit, their Weis reward card number, and time of visit (weismarkets.survey.marketforce.com is only available online and cannot be taken over the phone or via US Mail).  All of the previous information can be found on the Weis Markets receipt and the location number will be 3 digits long (shown in the top right hand corner of the receipt).  Customer will be asked to answer a few short questions based upon the quality of the food, friendliness of the employees, and overall store atmosphere.  Once all the survey questions have been answered the lucky customer will be awarded a $2 off coupon which will be loaded onto the customers Weis Rewards Card (yes a rewards card is required in order to earn the $2 off coupon… those who do not have a Weis rewards card will be kicking themselves when they find out they cannot obtain the $2 off coupon).  Please note in order to load the weismarkets.survey.marketforce.com $2 off coupon onto the card the customer will need to provide their 11 digit reward card number (which can be found on the back of the card).

www.WeisMarkets.Survey.Marketforce.com Instructions

  1. Make a purchase at Weis Market’s
  2. Save the receipt (or the customer may be dumpster diving later)
  3. Hurry home and access the Internet
  4. Navigate to the survey URL
  5. Answer ALL the questions in regards to the customer service (honest feedback is requested!)
  6. Claim the $2 off coupon with the Weis Reward Card


  1. www.weismarkets.survey.marketforce.com