www.weisfeedback.com – Take Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey


  • Shoppers at a Weis grocery store can take a customer satisfaction survey about a recent shopping trip and get a free $2 coupon loaded to their Weis card
  • Weis customers can only get a $2 reward once every 7 days, no matter how many times they shop at Weis or how many times they take the customer survey
  • Weis shoppers can get their Weis rewards number by looking on the back of their Weis shopper card and finding the 11 digit number

People who shop at Weis grocery stores can get a free $2 Weis coupon just by taking a survey about a previous grocery shopping trip. To get started taking the Weis survey, shoppers will need their original receipt, and will need to enter the location number they visited and the date and time of their visit. Shoppers will also need to enter their Weis rewards card number so their $2 reward can properly be loaded upon survey completion.

Weisfeedback Highlights

  • The Weis customer survey will ask customers to rate their shopping experience, rate their interaction with any Weis staff, and even rate things like the cleanliness of the store and the parking lot
  • Will take less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Customers can sleep easy knowing they help added to Weis grocery stores bottom line profits

More about Weis Market Grocery Stores

Weis markets was founded in Sunbury, Pennsylvania in 1912, and are usually found in the Mid Atlantic US today. Currently, Weis has over 200 stores in states like West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. At a time when most grocery stores operated on credit, Weis was famous for being cash only, and not allowing customers to run up a tab. Any questions in regards to the Weiss Feedback survey can be directed to (866) 999-9347.

  • The “cash only” policy that Weis started with helped then to have lower prices than their competitors by about 25%


  1. www.weisfeedback.com