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Tire Reward Center

  • Customers who have purchased tires from Michelin, BF Goodrich, or Uniroyal that come with a rebate can visit the Tire Reward Center website to begin claiming their reward
  • In most cases, a claim for a tire promotion need to be sent within 30 days, and the return reward will arrive in less than two months
  • All three brands that are a part of Tire Rewards Center have a way for customers to track the status of their reward

To get started claiming a tire reward, customers will need to select the brand of tires they purchased. Once that has been selected, they will need to upload their original tire purchase receipt, along with their personal information. Tire Rewards Center customers will receive either a Visa or Mastercard rewards card that can be used anywhere those logos are accepted, in store or online.

Michelin Tire Rewards

For Michelin tires, customers will need to submit their reward within 30 days of the date they purchased. Once a Michelin tire reward claim is submitted, customers should receive their reward within 6 weeks.

BF Goodrich Tire Rewards

Customers who are trying to claim a reward from a BF Goodrich tire purchase will need to make sure they submit their reward claim within 30 days of purchasing the tires. Once a Goodrich rewards request has been sent in, it’s estimated that customers will receive their reward card 4 to 6 weeks later.

Uniroyal Tire Rewards

When a purchase of Uniroyal Tires includes a rewards promotion, customers have 30 days to send in their claim once they have purchased the tires. Once this request has been approved, Uniroyal will send the customer’s card within 4 to 6 weeks. Customers can track the progress of their reward using the Uniroyal Tire Reward Fulfillment Center web page.  Any questions in regards to the Tire Reward Center program can be directed to 1 Parkway S. Greenville SC 29615 USA.


  1. www.tirerewardcenter.com