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Text Book Money

  • Textbook Money is a private, invitation only service that’s the easiest way for people to identify which books are profitable to sell online
  • Interested customers can sign up to be on the Textbook Money waiting list, so that as soon as a spot is open, they’ll be notified (and so they will receive news and updates about Textbook Money)
  • All material on Textbook Money that lists potential profit is only an estimate at profit that could be, not a guaranteed profit

In short, Textbook Money is a system that searches through books for sale on Amazon, and then finds the books that have a higher trade in value than they cost. The customer purchases the book through Amazon, and then send that book back to Amazon through their trade in program and receive the profit. Textbook Money Pro works through a Chrome Extension that works directly on top of a user’s regular web browser, and automatically searches through Amazon books for sale. Textbook Money is not associated with any other web site, and it’s not been reviewed or tested by Google or Facebook. Customers who search with Textbook Money will find most of their profit with smaller deals, like $2 to $10 per book, instead of larger deals at once. The best method to use Textbook Money is to search with the extension multiple times a day. There is a 365 day return policy with Textbook Money, where customers can receive a full refund of their money, but only once they’ve tried the system on their own for at least one year.

Text Book Money

  • This is not guaranteed to make the customer money
  • Text Book Money is a risky investment and most people will not actually make money

What is Textbook Money?

Textbook Money was created by Luke Sample and is an online training tool to help booksellers best leverage Amazon products. The software works with Amazon’s “Book Trade In” program to attempt to make a profit by trading in textbooks and other popular books.


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