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Social Security Apply For Disability

  • Applying online for disability benefits is the fastest and most secure way to begin receiving funds
  • When individuals apply for disability benefits online, there’s no need to set up an appointment or wait for a representative. The application process begins immediately
  • The online disability application doesn’t need to be finished in one sitting. Once the application is started, users will be given a number that they can enter when they return to pick up where they left off

To apply for disability benefits from the U.S. government, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, receive no Social Security benefits, be unable to work because of a medical condition that will last at least 12 months or ultimately result in death, and have no disability benefits denied within the last 60 days.

Things to look out for when making a Social Security Apply For Disability application

  • When applying for disability, it’s recommended that applicants have personal information like their Social Security number, plus the information of their spouse and minor children plus their bank routing and account number (for benefits that will be electronically deposited)
  • Applicants also need the contact information of a medical professional who knows about the applicant’s specific medical condition, detailed information about the medical illnesses, and information about work like the amount of money earned (including a list of jobs in the last 15 years)

Applicants for disability benefits will be asked to fill out a SSA-827 form, which gives the government permission to speak with healthcare professionals about the applicant’s details. Applicants filling out their forms will need to print and sign an individual cover letter that gives consent to release medical records. Once a decision has been made, the applicant will receive a letter in the mail.

Any questions about the Social Security Apply For Disability process can be directed to 800-772-1213 or those looking to send in forms via US mail can write to: Social Security Administration, Office of Public Inquiries, 1100 West High Rise, 6401 Security Blvd. , Baltimore, MD 21235.


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