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Shopkins World

  • Browse a variety of products and games associated with Shopkins
  • Products include the Shopkins Fashion Spree Style Me Wardrobe Playset, Shopkins Fashion Spree Collection, and the ever popular Glitzi Globes S6 Shopkins Jewelry Pack
  • The products will cost generally cost between $10 to $20

Shopkins World will also allow the customer to access a collectors guide, posters, and cool wallpaper.  Shopkins World customers can also access a cool app (available at both the Google Play store and the Apple store).

Who are the more popular Shopkins World characters?

  • Donatina: Known for her pink hair and having her head in clouds
  • Peppa-Mint: Cute but high stress (she is constantly having epic meltdowns)
  • Sara Sushi
  • Dennis Bat: Highly strung and sometimes tense but always ready to rally for a good cause
  • Katie Skateboard: A skateboard that eats and breathes?
  • Polly Piano: A Shopkin who love to play 24/7. The key to her happiness is being in tune with her emotions!

These are just a few of the Shopkins World characters as there is more than 150 throughout 5 seasons.

Any questions about the Shopkins Word products can be directed to 03 9579 7377 29 or Grange Rd Cheltenham Melbourne VIC 3192 AUSTRALIA Facsimile (+61) 03 9579 7355.


  1. www.shopkinsworld.com