www.oberweis.com/tellus – Oberweis Dairy Customer Survey

Oberweis Tell Us

  • Just had some ice cream for dessert from Oberweis?  Do them a favor and take their customer survey in regards to the visit
  • The survey will only take a few minutes to complete
  • Oberweis locations can be found in the state of Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, and Illnois

The Oberweis Tell Us customer survey is fairly simple and will not make the customer think to hard.  They just want the customer to answer a few short questions about their latest purchase from Oberweis and then tell them how they can improve their ice cream if need be.  Each Oberweis survey is unique to the location in which the visit took place so please be sure to use the correct store number when providing feedback.

Oberweis prides themselves in using only the best Super-Premium Ice Cream and some locations have an extensive lunch/dinner meal.  For example one Oberweis in Missouri features Frontera Chicken Chipotle & Red Onion Pizza OR Boneless Garlic & Herb Beef Sirloin Trip Tip Roast OR the famous Oberweis All Natural Angus Burger.  The all natural burger is a bit on the pricey side at $10 but it is well worth it as it features top of the line ground chuck with no artificial ingredients.  The Frontera Chicken Chipotle & Red Onion Pizza checks in at a much lower cost of $7 and is 10 inches with all natural chicken, chipotle bbq sauce, grilled red onions and four cheeses (not very healthy but pretty tasty).

Looking to eat healthy at Oberweis?  The most healthy menu item by far is the Coleman All Natural Chicken Breast but the customer might have to take out a second mortgage to afford it as it checks in at $14.  The Coleman All Natural Chicken Breast is a all natural boneless, skinless chicken breasts with no antibiotic, no hormones, no nitrates, and no MSG… the only problem is it cost $14.  Most grocery stores will sell organic chicken breast for that price but the customer will get twice the chicken.