www.myolyexperience.com – Win $1000 Orange Leaf Survey

My OLY Experience

  • Provide feedback in regards to an Orange Leaf purchase and maybe win $1,000 in the process!
  • Powered by Empathica and sweepstakes sponsored by Empathica Inc. dba InMoment are offered by the Sponsor across multiple international clients
  • The customer’s information (i.e. name, address) will not be shared with Orange Leaf employees

MyOlyExperience.com will take about 5 minutes to complete and customers will need Internet access.  A few questions that customers will be asked during the course of the Orange Leaf customer survey include “based on my experience, I would recommend this Orange Leaf store to a friend, colleague or family member”, “Orange Leaf offers good value for the money”, and “Orange Leaf is a great place to go with friends and family”.  After answering the survey questions the customer will then be asked to provide a statement along with how many times on average they visit an Orange Leaf (optional questions include the customer’s age, sex, and if they brought any kids under the age of 18 with them to their Orange Leaf visit).  Finally the customer will have the chance to opt in to be contacted in regards to future promotions or coupon offers from Orange Leaf (this is a must for die-hard Orange Leaf fan boys).

www.MyOlyExperience.com Notes

  1. Simple survey with a chance to win $1000 clams
  2. All feedback will help improve the Orange Tree location in question
  3. Those who do not take the survey will most likely have panic attacks knowing they did not help their local Orange Tree rise to the top of the ice cream world
  4. MyOlyExperience.com is not available via email or phone
  5. A list of previous contest winners is available at MyOlyExperience.com

Must Try Orange Leaf Flavors?

  • Sweet and Refreshing Chocolate Mint
  • We Caught Him ginger Bread
  • Life is Like a Bowl of em Cherries
  • Freshly Freezed Orange (diary free option)


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