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My Big Lots

  • My Big Lots is an online portal for employees of Big Lots to find tax forms and other work papers.
  • Employees who forgot they’re My Big Lots password can reset their password using their Big Lots ID number or their Social Security Number.
  • My Big Lots Net is also used to access Big Lots e-mail and to communicate from one Big Lots store to another.
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My Big Lots is a website designed for employees to log in and access their My Big Lots tax paperwork, plus other critical work-related documents.

Employees can log on to My Big Lots from their homes, and each Big Lots store has a dedicated computer for employees to log in.

The My Big Lots website is intended for official Big Lots business only, and any access by someone who is not a Big Lots employee may be punishable under local and federal laws. If Big Lots employee uses this site for non-work purposes, they may face suspension or termination.

More information

Big Lots is an American discount store that opened in 1967 and has its current headquarters in Ohio. Big Lots stores (there are currently 1,500 of them) can be found in 48 states.

Big Lots mainly sells closeout merchandise from other retailers, products where a store had too much stock or didn’t sell their product fast enough.

In many cities, Big Lots is known for moving into store fronts that were originally other stores to save on costs.

  • Big Lots stores do have a grocery section, and while people worry about “closeout” groceries, the products at Big Lots are legally required to be in date and good quality, just like any other store

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