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Meijer Credit Card

  • Conduct a variety of activities online related to a Meijer credit card
  • There are two types of mCards
  • Both Meijer cards are subject to credit approval and require a good credit score

Meijer Credit Card consumers can accept a pre-approved offer, access a mCard account online, activate a new card, obtain information or sign up for the MasterCard rewards program, or sign up for mPerks.  When applying for a card using the pre-approved offer please have the pre-screen ID on hand (this ID number will be in the pre-approved promotional email).  When activating a Meijer credit card the card holder will need the account number along with the expiration date (any questions about the Meijer card activation process can be addressed to the toll-free number on the back of the card.  The mPerks rewards program is designed for customers who use the Meijer pharmacy more than a few times per month as it provides a reward for every 5 prescriptions that are filled.

The two types of cards offered by Meijer along with their unique benefits are as follows:

  • Meijer MasterCard: provides a 10% off coupon upon sign up | members will save .5 cents per gallon when filling up at a Meijer fuel station | Earn 5% off and 15% off rewards coupons for every 1,500 points earned
  • Standard issued Meijer Credit Card : same as the above listed benefits but comes with the purchasing power of MasterCard

Both of the Meijer credit card comes with no annual fee and can be combined with the popular mPerks digital coupons program to magnify the savings.  Please note the 10% off discount coupon is only valid for 30 days once the card is open and must be used at the checkout via prompt.  Only one 10% off coupon can be used at any given time and it cannot be combined with any other offers.


  1. www.meijer.com/creditcard