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MD Unemployment File Webcert

  • Use the Maryland Division of Unemployment website to file for unemployment benefits in the state of Maryland
  • Persons filing to receive unemployment benefits from Maryland and employers may both file appeals if they feel the state made an unfair decision
  • A 1099-G tax form will be issued to anyone who received unemployment payments from the state of Maryland

Maryland unemployment insurance provides benefits to people who are unemployed through no fault of their own, and who are actively seeking employment. Use this site to file and pay the quarterly Contribution & Employment Report, and/or obtain information and services related to your Maryland Unemployment Insurance account.

Presently, the current weekly unemployment benefit amount that is provided by the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law is a minimum of $25 per week and a maximum of $430 per week. The standard base period for calculating unemployment payments in Maryland is the first four of the last five calendar quarters of employment.

Maryland Unemployment Insurance WebTax Highlights

  • Both claimants and employers may appeal a Maryland unemployment insurance decision they feel is unfair
  • The unemployment appeal must be sent in writing
  • must be filed within 15 calendar days from the date the initial determination was mailed.

Maryland unemployment’s WEBCERT program allows claimants to file their weekly certifications online, and allows for the viewing of up to 30 days of benefit payments made. The first time a Maryland resident logs on to use the WEBCERT program, they will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN that will be used every time they log on in the future to make a weekly certification or to view payment benefits.

Anyone looking to contact the Maryland Division of Unemployment:

  • 410-949-0033
  • 500 N Calvert St #401, Baltimore, MD 21202

Any unemployment benefits made from the state of Maryland will need to be filed on the next year’s taxes using a 1099-G form. It’s estimated that around 150,000 people in Maryland are unemployed at any given time.


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