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Loan Link Freedom Loan Services

  • Access a Freedom Loan account online with a username and password
  • New users will have to create a new account with a valid email address before they can gain access
  • The service is super easy to use and new registration will take less than 2 minutes ūüôā

LoanLink.FreedomLoanServices.com operated by the Freedom Mortgage Corporation who is an Equal Housing Lender and operates in all 50 states.  Those who need to create a Loan Link account will have to provide their name, address, 10 digit loan number, and a valid email address (the customers email address will only be used to relay information about their loan account).  When registering please use the exact name that is seen on the customers loan statements in order to avoid any technical issues.

www.LoanLink.FreedomLoanServices.com Notes

  • A must for anyone who has a current loan with the Freedom Mortgage Corporation
  • Those looking to make a change of payment address should notify¬†Freedom Mortgage, P.O. Box 89486, Cleveland OH, 44101-9486
  • Most customers will want to sign up for automatic deductions form their bank account in order to save the hassle of access their account every month online in order to make a payment
  • To set up auto payments with Freedom Mortgage simply click on the¬†Manage Recurring Payments tab¬†then Set Up Recurring Payments (Pacific Union Financial customers may do this on or after June 22, 2017)
  • Customers are allowed to cancel the auto payment service at any time for any reason

LoanLink.FreedomLoanServices.com requires the most up to date Internet Browser for best performance so users should please check now to confirm that they are using the latest version of their web browser in order rot gain optimal performance. Any questions in regards to LoanLink.FreedomLoanServices.com can be directed to a highly trained Freedom Mortgage Customer Care at agent at (855) 690-5900 from Monday through Friday from 8 am Р10 pm ET and Saturday 9 am Р6 pm ET.


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