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Lending Point Your Way

  • Apply for a loan with Lending Point online
  • Loan amounts can range between $3500 and $20000
  • Loans for more than $20k are allowed under special circumstances

The Lending Point Your Way offer allows an applicant to use the state of the art loan amount slider to choose a given loan amount (Lending Point will then pick the BEST option by automatically calculating the payment).  Applicants will also have to describe what the loan will be used for (i.e. make a home improvement, take a world-class vacation, cover bothersome wedding expenses, repair a broken down Ford Mustang).  Those who received a Lending Point Your Way promotional offer via US mail can enter the code towards the bottom of the application.  Any questions in regards to the Lending Point Your Way promotional loan offer can be directed to a customer service agent at 888-969-0959.  Please note that loan approval is NOT guaranteed (even with a Lending Point Your Way promotional code) and actual loans offers and loan amounts, terms and annual percentage rates (“APR”) may vary based upon LendingPoint’s proprietary scoring and underwriting system’s review of the applicants credit, financial condition, other factors, and supporting documents or information provided.

Lending Point Your Way Notes

  • Loan terms are 24 to 48 months
  • Once a loan has been approved the applicant will receive the funds via ACH the next non-holiday business day
  • Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income are not required when making a loan application

LendingPoint is an Atlanta-based direct lender and can be reached via email at info@lendingpoint.com.  When applying for a loan with Lending Point the customer will have to provide income information, bank statements, a copy of their driver licenses, and a voided check.  Those who would like to request a change of payment due date should reach out to the Lending Point customer service team by email at customerservice@lendingpoint.com.


  1. www.lendingpoint.com/yourway