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Join Prosper

  • Watch a video about how to get the edge over other people in business and make lots of money
  • The video provides information on how to build a fully integrated and seamless global platform that affords the customer the ability to instantly have a worldwide Internet business

Join Prosper advises the person to grow the business and then sell if for a boat load of money.  They claim a capital excess amount of capital is not needed and special tech skills are helpful but not required PLUS they offer a 30 day money day back guarantee policy.

Highlights of the Join Prosper system include:

  • Get Paid Daily on MasterCard
  • Get Paid Down Unlimited Depth
  • 100% Payout on $100 Product
  • Coded Commissions
  • 50% Up To 100% Check Matches
  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Only $47.00 To Be Affiliate
  • Speed of Money

The system uses Craigslist ad templates, eBay seller accounts, YouTube videos, make money from public domains, and even uses the Amazon affiliate program as way to generate cash directly into the user’s bank account.

One strategy the Join Prosper system recommends is searching for items on eBay that have been misspelled.  When a seller misspells their listing that usually means no one can find the product and the buyer can get the item(s) at an extreme discount and then resell them under the correct name for a huge profit.

A few reviews (please note these reviews were found on the Join Prosper website)

  • “I’m now making a great full-time income selling domain names. Your X strategy makes me more money than anything else I’ve tried in this industry” – Gene Pimentel, Westchester, New York
  • “From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you Andrew. I learned many new skills from the Money Now training and I’m excited to tell you that I’ve just been offered $20,000.00 for ONE domain name that I paid less than $20 for! Thank you, you have indeed changed my life for the better!” – Tangisai Gaka, Sydney, Australia

Anyone looking to request a refund or simply reach out to the Join Prosper customer service team can email support@prospereveryday.com or call (702) 659-9622 (a toll-free number could not be found)… customers can also email support@prospereveryday.com.


  1. www.joinprosper.com