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Exxon Mobil Gift Card

  • Purchase a gift card online in the amounts of $25, $50, or $100
  • Bulk orders cannot be made online and customers will have to dial 1-800-972-7481 for more information
  • These gift cards are ideal for birthdays and holidays, thank you cards, graduations, budgeting, and college care packages (as college students spend a boat load of gas money driving back and forth from school)

The Exxon Mobil gift card service does not require the customer to sign up for an account and gift cards can be used at any Exxon- or Mobil-branded stations.  Please note that gift card with a balance of $1 or less may not work at certain pumps or gas stations. If customers would like a refund associated with the $1 or less balance please dial 1-800-972-7481.  Although customers are not required to sign up for the Exxon Mobile Gift Card service online they may want to do so in order to check recent account activity, view how much money is left on the card, and order more gift cards super quick.

ExxonMobil Gift Cards Online

  • If the card is not used for a while it may deactivate
  • If the gift card becomes inactive customers will have to go through the bothersome process of mailing the card back to Exxon in order to receive a replacement card
  • Exxon issues gift cards under the following brand names: 76, ARCO, BP, Chevron, Conoco, Phillips 66, Sunoco or Texaco
  • If the card is lost or stolen please email a ExxonMobile gift card super agent at info@svmcards.com
  • Customers are allowed to trade in their card for another Exxon branded card BUT may be charged a 15% fee for doing so

All ExxonMobile gift card will be 19 digits in length and a toll-free number can be found on the back of the card.  Some of the gift cards may show an expiration date and must be used by that given date or will expire worthless with no refund provided.