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Exxon Speed Pass Plus

  • Download the popular Mobile Payment app called Speed Pass Plus
  • The app is available for download from Google Play and the App Store
  • Users will be able to cut down on their gas station wait time and start living life

The Exxon Speed Pass Plus app allows a user to pay for a gas or car wash at a Exxon or Mobil gas station from their smart phone.  In order to make a payment using the Speed Pass Plus app the users MUST link a payment method (users are allowed to use any major credit card or debit card, ExxonMobil Smart Card, checking account and now Apple Pay).  The app will also bring up participating Exxon and Mobil gas stations in the users area that take the Speed Pass Plus app.  Major credit cards that can be linked to a Exxon Speed Pass Plus account include Visa, American Express and MasterCard (please note MasterCard can only be used when the user elects to use Apple Pay as their payment method).  Any questions in regards to the Exxon Speed Pass Plus service can be directed to a customer service agent at 1-800-243-9966.  Please remember that the Speed Pass Plus service can be combined with a Plenti card account via the Speedpass+ app, select “My Plenti” followed by “Add a Plenti card,” and then enter the customers Plenti card information.

How in the wide world of sports will the Exxon Mobil Speed Pass know where the user is located?

From the Speed Pass Plus website:

ExxonMobil takes privacy very seriously, so your location will never be used without your permission. The Speedpass+ app obtains your location from your mobile phone through its geo-location feature. Please ensure this feature is turned on for the Speedpass+ app. If your location-based services are turned on, the Speedpass+ app will be able to use it to identify which station you are at. If your location-based services are turned off, or there is interference, you will be directed to scan the QR code” – exxon.com/en/speedpassplus

Please note that Discover credit cards CANNOT be linked to the Exxon Speed Pass Plus service 🙁


  1. Exxon Mobile Speedpass download via Google Play
  2. www.exxon.com/speedpassplus