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BP Driver Rewards Register

  • Customers can link their credit or debit cards with their BP Driver Rewards Card to rack up savings even faster
  • BP shoppers who are already BP Driver Rewards members just need to log in to their account and link their Visa card
  • BP Driver Rewards members can check their reward account online or at any BP fuel station

When customers link their Visa card with their BP Drivers Rewards card, they don’t need to swipe a loyalty card each time they purchase fuel at a pump. They can simply swipe their connected Visa card. The BP Driver Rewards program is not a credit card, and there is no fee to join, plus no annual fee.

BP Driver Rewards Register Highlights

  • Not all BP stations participate in BP Driver Rewards, and these rewards cannot be used or redeemed in Alabama or California
  • Customers can enter the phone number on their account at the pump in lieu of swiping their card every time
  • Each BP Rewards account must have a unique phone number
  • The BP rewards program should only take about 1 minute to register for

BP Rewards members will earn points at 1 cents off per gallon for every $10 purchased in fuel with a linked card. BP rewards are added to the driver’s account within 24 hours of purchase, and can be used 24 hours after being added. The maximum amount of BP rewards that can be redeemed is 20 gallons per transaction, and a minimum of .109 per gallon. BP rewards expire 365 days after the end of the month that they were earned.

More About BP

  • Was founded in the year 1908 when they were known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company
  • Considered to be one of the world’s seven major oil and gas companies
  • Has their current international headquarters in London, England
  • Holds operations in more than 70 countries around the world


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