www.alconchoice.com – Start or Check Alcon Consumer Rebates

Alcon Choice

  • Start a rebate associated with a Alcon product or check the status of a rebate already in process
  • Claims can also be submitted via US Mail for consumers who are still stuck in the dark ages
  • Submitting a rebate online should take about 5 minutes and requires Internet access

AlconChoice.com is powered by 360Insights and is good for Alcon products.  In order to submit a rebate the consumer will need the original sales receipt associated with the Alcon purchase, the original up CODE for each brand of lens purchased, copy of eye exam receipt and/or contact lens fitting receipt with date circled, and the Alcon rebate code.  Please dial 1-855-344-6871 in regards to any problems or questions associated with www.AlconChoice.com.  Those that need to stop their submission for any reason are allowed to save their progress and return at a later time in order to complete the rebate application.

www.AlonChoice.com Notes

  • A must for Alon fan boys
  • Those who are determined to file by mail can click here to download and print a mail-in rebate form, along with mail-in rebate instructions 🙂
  • Please allow up to 7 business days for the rebate application to arrive at its destination and then even more time to process (submitting the rebate by mail is just not a good idea)
  • Those who already submitted  rebate and would simply like to check on the status will need to provide the rebate reference number along with the email that was used at the time of submission

Any questions in regards to the rebate promotion by mail can be directed to: 6201 South Freeway, Ft. Worth, TX 76134.  Alcon reserves the right to modify or terminate the terms of this rebate promotion for any reason.  Example of products associated with the Alcon Choice rebate promotion include Air Optix Night and Day, Air Optix Hydra Glide, and DAILIES TOTAL.


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