Step-By-Step Instructions To Add Future Weather To Google Calendar

Add Future Weather To Google Calendar

A sudden change in weather can make it very difficult for you to decide whether you should go ahead with the BBQ at the beach that you have scheduled on Google Calendar for the weekend or not. If only you knew in advance that the weather would not be conducive to holding a BBQ party during the weekend, you could have planned some other interesting indoor activity.

Cheer up! You can add future weather to your Google Calendar! Yes, this feature in Google Calendar provides you with the weather forecast for a few days in the near future so that you don’t have to waste time and resources searching and finding out the weather forecast prior to accepting a Google event invite. You can decide then and there as the short-range weather forecast feature can be accessed (without the use of labs, plugins or other tools) on Google Calendar settings. Here is how you can add this feature to your Google Calendar:

  1. Log into your Google Calendar
  2. Click on the gear icon that you can see on the screen at the top right hand side corner
  3. Click on Settings’
  4. Go to the Location’ section and enter your location. For example, type in East Brunswick, NJ or 08816
  5. On Show weather based on my location’ section, check either the degrees F or degrees C button
  6. After choosing these options, click on the Save’ button
  7. Go to Google Calendar. You should be seeing the weather-forecast icons at the upper left corner for the current day and the next three days

How to Use the Future Weather Feature

Each weather icon is a visual representation of the forecast for that specific day. If you want to know the weather information in a detailed manner – including location, low and high temperature and a brief description – all that you have to do is either point your mouse on to the weather icon or just click on it. For example, the information that you will be seeing would be something like this: ‘Cloudy in Los Altos, CA (80 F| 53 F).’

However, you need to keep in mind the fact that the information from the Google Calendar will not be displayed if you embed it on your website. This is because data are pulled by the Weather Calendar on the basis of the settings you have saved.

In order to turn off the weather reports, you need to go to the Calendar Settings once again and choose the do not show weather’ option.