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HTA LLC Toll Pass

  • Select the rental agency for TollPass information
  • Rental agencies include Alamo, Enterprise, and National
  • HTA stands for Highway Toll Administration

The HTALLC Toll Pass system allows the rental car driver to be automatically covered when passing through a toll assuming it has video monitoring.  Rental car customers will have to rent a toll device if they plan on driving through a toll without a video monitoring system.  The HTALLC Toll Pass service is operated by Highway Toll Administration, LLC and any questions about the service can be directed to 1-877-860-1258.  Please note nay driver who operates the rental vehicle in Northern California, Florida, Colorado, or Texas, and generate an unpaid toll, will be charged the HTALLC TollPass Convenience Charge of $3.95 for each day they use a toll road or bridge plus the cost of all unpaid tolls (ouch).  In the long run the HTA toll pass service makes traveling more convenient and makes sense for all three parties involved (aka the customer, the rental car agency, and the state Government).  All automatic toll payments made using the HTC toll system will be charged to the exact debit or credit card used when renting the car.  Please note the TollPass Convenience Charge for Transponder Tolling is $3.95 per rental day (max of $19.75 per rental), plus all tolls.  Most airport rental car locations will provide a rental toll device for those who will be passing through tolls without video monitoring.

HTA LLC Toll Pass Notes

  • This service can be used when traveling in Canada
  • If the driver operates the rental vehicle in areas not served by TollPass and generate any unpaid toll(s) then they will be charged for all unpaid tolls and an administrative charge of up to $25.00 Canadian dollars per rental
  • The service can also be used to view pass payments and receipt


  1. www.htallc.com/tollpass