Hoyoverse Login Reward, Redeem Code, Customer Service

Hoyoverse Login Reward

Visit account.hoyoverse.com/login to access your account online. Please have your username ready.

Pro-Tip: You can also access your Hoyoverse Login Reward account with the following social media accounts

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Apple

Customer Service

  • Email: support_os@hoyoverse.com
  • Online: account.hoyoverse.com/customerService

How to sign up for a HoYoverse account?

  1. Quick sign-up: Follow the instructions to create a username and password to sign up
  2. Email sign-up: Provide your email address and receive a verification email to finish the sign-up. The verified email address can be used to reset your password. This sign-up method makes your account more secure.
  3. Third-party account sign-up: Authorize a third-party account to log into the game or User Center to complete the sign-up. You can go to User Center -> Account Security to link a HoYoverse account later.

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