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Bank of America Commercial Prepaid Card

  • Access a Bank of America Commercial Prepaid Card account online
  • Funds are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • The card can be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted (depending on which card the member has)

The BOA Commercial Prepaid Card can be made to make purchases (i.e. apples, video games, books), pay for a service, or pay bothersome bills (i.e. electric bill).  Bank of America Commercial Prepaid Card members can also use this lucrative card to obtain cash at any Visa, MasterCard or Cirrus ATM.  The card also comes with a Zero Liability policy which means the member will not incur liability for unauthorized transactions if Bank of America are notified of loss or theft within a reasonable period of time.  Account information can be obtained online or via an automated voice response system.  The card can easily be replaced if lost or stolen and those who need to request a replacement card should dial 1.866.213.8564 ASAP.  Those who are looking to activate or manage their Bank of America Commercial Prepaid Card will have to provide the first 6 digits of their card number.  Please note card holders must report fraud claims within 60 days of the transaction and claims may only be filed against posted and settled transactions subject to dollar limits and subsequent verification, including providing all requested information supporting fraudulent use claim.

BOA Commercial Prepaid Card Notes

  • Ideal for people who dislike carrying around cash
  • This card is not a credit card and will not harm or improve a credit score
  • Some ATM’s may charge a hefty fee in order to receive cash
  • The card is distributed by the Bank of America Corporation
  • Once the funds are used on the card it will be worthless unless the holder reloads the card
  • Please pay inside when using the BOA commercial card to make a payment at a gas station


  1. www.bankofamerica.com/commercialprepaidcard