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PNC Pay Card

  1. Access and manage PNC card account online’
  2. Requires the card account number

For those who have not yet activated the online Service they must do so before they can start using the card to make purchases.  All PNC prepaid cards are issued by the popular PNC Bank who are Member FDIC.  It should be noted that anyone attempting to report a lost or stolen PNC card should dial 1-866-453-5071  ASAP so a new one may delivered to the customer.

Other PNC Card Notes

  • Customers can sign up for balance notices via email or text message
  • Text alerts are available on a daily or weekly basis ou choose the frequency
  • Simple, free and easy way to keep track of the funds in a PNC Pay Card account
  • Members can receive up to 36 months of historical statements online and monitor spending habits over time

Members are allowed to obtain cash back on purchases getting cash at the checkout instead of making a separate trip to the ATM.  To get cash back while checking out please select the “Debit” option and enter the PNC Card PIN number.  So for example if a PNC Card customer is buying some beef jerky at Walgreens simply and wants $20 back please select the debit option on the pad and request cash back.

PNC Financial Services Group Business Lore

  • Diversified financial service firm with more than 2500 branches
  • A component of the S&P 500
  • Major holders of PNC stock include the Wellington Management Company, State Street Corporation and the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
  • Considered the 6th largest bank in the US (in terms of bank deposits)
  • Headquartered at One PNC Plaza, 249 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

This legendary financial institution dates back to the mid 1840’s when the city of Pittsburgh was attempting to recover from the GREAT DEPRESSION (was known as the Pittsburgh Trust and Savings Company at the time).


  1. www.pncpaycard.com