www.prepaid.citi.com/amwayus – Access Citi Amway Wirecard

Prepaid Citi Amway US

  • Access and manage a Citi Amway card account online
  • Available in a variety of languages to include English
  • Operated by¬†Wirecard North America, Inc

The Prepaid Citi Amway US wirecard account requires a username and password in order to gain account access. ¬†Those who are new to the Amway Wirecard will have to go through a short but bothersome registration process. ¬†During the registration process the card holder will have to provide their Amway Wirecard number and the security code (the Amway card number will be 16 digits long and the security code can be found on the¬†card at the end on the signature panel). ¬†Once the Prepaid Citi Amway card has been activated the customer can view their account balance, update account information, and view recent transactions (i.e. that box of taco’s from Taco Bell). ¬†Those who have a payment code associated with the Amway Citi credit card can provide the rewards code in order to start the redemption process. ¬†Cardholders who are in a hurry and do not need full account access can simply provide the card number with the security code to only view a balance and recent transactions. ¬†Please note¬†Citigroup Inc. has sold its prepaid card business to Wirecard AG (the trademarks “Citi”, “Citibank”, “Citigroup”, the Blue Wave, and the Arc designs). ¬†Please note the customer is allowed to have more than one Prepaid Citi Amway credit card and multiple account can be accessed online.

Who in the world is Wirecard AG?

  • German based¬†multinational financial services and technology firm
  • Founded in 1999 under the name¬†InfoGenie AG
  • Employs more than 3500 people

The Wirecard AG corporate office is based at Einsteinring 35 Aschheim 85609 Germany and can be reached by phone at 49 89 4424 1400.  The firm is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange under ticker symbol WDI.F.